Prof. Abhay V. Purohit
Principal, ideas

In the current context of rapid changes that are taking place in our country, all activities directed towards advancements are required to be addressed with utmost care. In this effort. it is also imperative to prepare architects who can contribute to and manage the needs of society with equanimity of mind and an attitude of social responsibility.

IDEAS is rated amongst the top  Architecture colleges in the country. Our students top the RTMNU examinations almost every semester. year after year. The college runs B. Arch. undergraduate and M. Arch. post-graduate programs affiliated to RTMNU and recognized by the Council Of Architecture.

At IDEAS all faculty are committed to maintaining an academically rich and professionally competent environment by enhancing the creative attitudes as well as technical skills of students. Our teacher mentors play a vital role in the overall development of our students and the institute with the firm belief that in the current era, creativity and innovation are the basis of sustenance. We keep constantly creating new learning opportunities for our students, which the university curriculum can not otherwise provide.

In a very short span IDEAS have come a long way and have made their impact felt not only in the city. but also the country. Our students have outperformed professionally in the local and global scenario and also in the universities in India and abroad as they pursue their higher education Today, IDEAS is one of the most sought-after institutes for fresh aspiring architecture students. We are sure that the best in infrastructure, a highly qualified faculty, and our motivated group of students coupled with the vibrant environment will continue to drive the growth of IDEAS as a great institution. We firmly believe that we shall be counted amongst the best at the national level in the years to come.

In all our efforts we seek the path of virtue, courage, and wisdom. May we be the catalyst in all our efforts to make better architects and human beings, who can make a positive impact on our society and help build our nation in these ever-changing and challenging times.

Warm regards & Good wishes!