Pedagogy @ IDEAS

Pedagogy @ IDEAS

The strength of the institute’s academic structure lies in the fact that it is inclusive of three major verticals of architecture education:


The institute started as an open platform for exploration and experimentation. In addition to the university syllabus, the institute believes in reinforcing the knowledge of students with additional appropriate studies and design projects to make them profession-ready. These additional projects provide necessary tolerance to experimentation and exploration both by faculty and students alike. Such projects allow a strong lateral bridge between the three verticals- design, technology, and services.

The institute believes that it is important to reclaim the roots of cultural values and social bases. It is founded to respond to the complexity of the modern world and the rapidly changing social structure. It was not enough to offer a technical, mathematical, and functional response to the current social scenario. As part of an innovative creative teaching process, the students are involved in liberal arts and encouraged to develop a humanitarian approach to the art of defining built forms to create unique architectural manifestations. The Institute aspires to be a place that brings together the architectural culture of central India and thus the projects and assignments are highly regional and contextual.

IDEAS believes in a Teaching-Learning Process that includes

  • Learning through experimentation

  • Freedom of expression

  • Positive interventions

  • Non-judgment approach

  • Teacher as facilitator

  • Symbiosis of skills and knowledge

  • Symbiosis of studio subjects and allied subjects with core design