I-DO Ideas Design Opportunity


I-do is a vertical design studio designed to envisage coordinated teamwork among students of different years. Students get an equal opportunity to participate, express and execute. It is a platform for learning for all peers to have a more enriching experience.

The week long competition is carried out between four vertical groups each having students from all years. Faculties act as consultants. Each group participates in four trophies with guidance of invited experts from respective fields. Some of the eminent experts are Anuj Kale from Leewardist, street artist Priyanka Thaker,

IDO is the unique opportunity created by IDEAS for the students to acquire various skills in terms of developing communication skills, addressing societal concerns and cultural aspects, meaningful urban interventions, exploring art & crafts of specific region which would be capable of expanding their understanding boundaries beyond academics.

The I-Do platform exposes the students to amazing range of design opportunities. Here are some glimpses of the events held over the years.

PASTIME – Rekindling interest in traditional games

COMPANION OF JOY – Designing a stool for the canteen

STREET ART– Making the Street Enjoyable

I-Do is a time for bonding between seniors and juniors leading to great team work and fun times.

During I-Do the students are able to interact with experts from varied fields from furniture and product design to street artist and cartoonist