IDEAS has successfully transitioned to the e-learning platform with its comprehensive Learning Management System with a dedicated server which has allowed it to continue work smoothly during the periods of lockdown. By grasping this unique opportunity the institute has been able to convert the setback caused by the Covid pandemic into an undeniable opportunity.

The tailor-made LMS system allows the students to register for their individual courses. Once enrolled the student has unlimited access to the e-learning course material uploaded by the faculty. Assignment submissions are a simple process of uploading files in the proper tabs in the given time. The students are able to check on their course work, assignment status, and attendance. They also have access to a virtual library which has been especially useful during the lockdown when they have been unable to access the physical resources.

The faculty are admins of the courses they are involved in. They can create teaching content that includes adding topics, informational videos, and references. They can float assignments and quizzes to test the students. Live classes are possible for interactive doubt-clearing sessions. The system allows the teacher to track learner progress and performance with ease. Assignments can be graded within the system making the system truly transparent.

The LMS is beneficial for the overall management of the academic process. It allows the gathering and analysis of information to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each course format, material, and teaching method. Individual teacher and student performance can also be tracked and maintained to prevent lacunas in the system. A hybrid system of online and offline teaching is the way of the future. It will be able to build on the advantages of both formats for a more advanced approach to creative teaching.